Bad Vape, Good Vape: Learn The Difference

The difference between disposable and reusable vapes is soon becoming a hot topic. Reusables are the money saving, safer way to vape whereas disposables are the more controversial, less refined option.

Which is which?

Walking past your local corner shop nowadays you’ll even notice it’s common for the window displays to resemble a rainbow of various coloured vapes in a wide range of fruity, minty and addictive flavours.

At Right Vape we promote reusable vaping devices, these ‘kits’ consist of the main device which comes with pods or coils. Disposable vapes are an all in one device where the pod and vape body are stuck together, with an e-liquid filled flavour tank inside.

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Regulated Vs Unregulated?

This goes even deeper than that initial argument though as we also have to factor in regulated vapes vs unregulated vapes. For the vapers amongst us, I am sure many of you have encountered that concerned friend or loved one watching on in horror as you take a puff of your vape. They will suddenly alert you to the fact you need to be careful with ‘those things’ as they’ve watched the news and read in the papers about toxic chemicals including lead and all sorts being inside of them!

The outline is, not all vapes are regulated, but not all disposable vapes are unregulated. It can be confusing right? Well we’re here to break it down for you whether you are someone who vapes, plans to or is just curious to educate yourself and others. As a consumer, it’s harder for you to spot the difference between regulated and unregulated vaping devices. You also shouldn’t have to know the difference because you would assume all products are protected by law. Unfortunately this is not the case, and we are seeing an increase of dangerous products being discovered on the market making for shocking headlines. Here are some things to note when trying to weed out the bad ones:

  • If it’s larger than the average 600/700 puff disposable models, you should assume it’s unregulated and against the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) compliance.
  • If you see that the price is very cheap for purchase of multiple devices, that’s usually a sign of cheaply made vapes.
  • Generally if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.
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The Battle

In our everlasting battle we are campaigning for better education and awareness around vaping as a whole. The only disposable vapes we sell are reputed vaping brands who have specially developed them in order to be recycled. This is sadly not the case with other disposable vapes, with many containing single use plastics that just end up in landfills alongside the toxic chemicals they contain.

The Takeaways

Disposable Vapes:

  • Commonly unregulated devices and mechanisms.
  • Above legal UK/EU nicotine levels.
  • Ease of availability of illegal vapes.
  • Easily addictive due to high nicotine.
  • Contamination of materials.
  • Often advertised and sold to non smokers/ without an ID check.


Reusable Vapes:

  • Regulated by strict UK/EU laws
  • Cheaper long term than cigarette smoking and disposables
  • Range of device features.
  • Freedom to fill with regulated e-liquid flavours of your choice.
  • You’re roughly twice as likely to quit smoking if you use a vape.