What are 'pods' and why do we like them?

Traditionally, pods originated from heavy batteries and tank systems (which served a purpose at the time) Out of these large and heavy machines, the needs for smaller handier devices was born. 

If you were to drop one of these Large & heavy tanks, the glass would smash, and because of their weight they damage very quickly (not to mention the damage they could cause to a toe!) We also noticed with these heavy kits, if you were to drop and break one – this would almost right away hinder your change of quitting smoking. 

… and then came the much more reliable and durable pods. They are much smaller, lighter and (tend to be) easier to use. PLUS they don’t create that awkward big bump in your back pocket! If life does happen, and you leave it behind in a nightclub bathroom or drop it – these are much cheaper and easier to replace.

This is why pods are definitely our go-to, but ultimately it depends on you, your lifestyle and preference. 

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