NEW year, NEW you, NEW vape

Can you believe 2023 is here already?! And what better way to ring in the new year than making a change!

This month our focus is on January Quitters and Switchers, whether that’s aspiring quitters or those looking to make the switch to vaping. Now we have successfully refitted the shop we are working on all the great new deals and support we can offer you. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter for updates!

Get yourself a FREE vape this month!

At Right Vape we do all we can to make sure that you are supported in your journey to either stop smoking or switch to vapes. Come visit us for a free consultation where we will assess your smoking history, habits and also perform a Carbon Monoxide breath test to analyse the levels of CO present from smoking. We will also go through a quit plan with you whether this be a short term plan  or you feel you will need support in the long term. Throughout the month of January, we’re also giving you two chances to claim a FREE device! Here are your options:

  1. Bring in any 10 empty disposable vapes of any brand and attend a full quit attempt consultation with us for a FREE Geekvape Sonder U. All you have to do after this is purchase your liquids and you’re good to go! A free versatile refillable device! All you are required to purchase is e-liquid for the device to be yours. Talk about perfect timing too as we have quackers deals on Riot and Ohm Brew e-liquids! You can currently shop with us and get 1 x £5, 3 x £10 or 10 x £30.


  2. Bring any 10 empty Riot Bars for recycling in-store to get a free disposable Riot Bar!*

*DISCLAIMER: Although we always speak on the danger of illegal disposable vapes, the latest disposable Riot Bar does not pose the same dangers. This fully recyclable device falls within the legal EU & UK limits of nicotine and tank size as well as being made by a leading reputable UK based producer of e-liquids. Riot has also worked hard to ensure that this device is recyclable, thus setting it apart from other disposable vapes on the market which cannot be recycled. We currently have a brand new Riot recycling box in store that can be found right next to the tills for you to pop your Riot Bars into and do your bit towards saving the environment!

Right Vape on TikTok

We’ve been having a play around with TikTok and have some great tips, facts and product insights to share with you! As well as informative short videos such as what to look for in a legitimate vape retailer, we have a few fun bits as well where we take part in newer TikTok trends! Most recently, Right Vape owner and head duckie in charge, Ryan, laid out his predictions about what to expect from the vaping industry and it’s devices in 2023. Convenience seems to be a key focus in the user experience with devices generally getting smaller, and less complicated to use. Gone are the days of the clunky vape device with several little bits and pieces to disconnect every time you needed to refill with e-liquids or give it a good clean. Give us a follow on @RightVape .

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