We are now members of the Northamptonshire Chamber!

Amongst all of the brand new bits we having coming up we’ve made a huge step! We’d like to announce our membership to the Northamptonshire Chamber. Now we know you’ll be thinking ‘Well what is the Northamptonshire Chamber?’ so stick with us and we’ll give you the lowdown below..

Northamptonshire chamber logo

The Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce was established all the way back in 1917, yes the pre vape days!. It is a local business network aimed at local businesses,  allowing them an additional platform to promote their services as well as mingle with other local business members too. The Chamber have their own magazine, members only platform and resources.

Through joining the Northamptonshire Chamber, we also get to expand the audience who hears our key messages regarding safe vaping and knowing what exactly you are purchasing. This will inspire others to follow suit and educate on the dangers of unregulated vape products, alongside the increasing costs and harm caused by smoking cigarettes.